Organizations and individuals across the world today adopt a “digital first” approach. However in a world crowded with “dotcoms”, it is increasingly difficult to get your voice heard. With .Press Domains, organizations and individuals can adopt online identities specific and relevant to their field of work leveraging the credibility that PRESS evokes thereby attracting greater audience.


Power your online presence

Online Presence

One of the best ways to establish and enhance your online brand is through a website. And when it comes to communicating the authenticity of that website, there’s no better way to do it than with a .press domain name.

To exemplify, news corporations will find .press to be an ideal avenue to build their online presence owing to high semantic correlation and the sense of authority that .press brings, resonating perfectly with the industry within which they operate.


PR with .press

Online Presence

When you want to publish public information online, look no further than the .press domain. Its direct semantic value adds greatly to the credibility and search engine optimization opportunity of your domain. With a .press domain, you have your own PR vehicle!

To illustrate, organizations can use a .press website as a dedicated web presence to publish all their press releases or annual reports, giving their target audience a more direct, easy-to-find and trusted insight to everything about them.

Think information sharing, think .press.


Create a unique identity for your online portfolio

Online Presence

In an increasingly digital focussed world, having your own branded online space is now a necessity. For journalists and opinion makers, .Press serves as an ideal avenue to further enhance your personal brand online as it provides a highly visible call out to your audience indicating your field of work clearly. Use your own .press domain to get greater visibility to your online portfolio!


Personalize Social Media

Online Presence

In the age where social media is omnipresent, it is important to have your voice heard loud and clear online. With .press, that desire can become a reality. You can use your own .press domain to get more traffic to your social media presence.

For example, journalists can use .press to point to their social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter and so on. Easy, simple and powerful. That’s .press.


Brand your blog with .press

Online Presence

The beauty of owning a .press domain name lies in the versatility of its usage. Among others, it can be used to host content or point to another location on the internet. Bloggers, for example, can use their .press domain name to either build their blog or point to existing blogs. The power of choice rests with you!